NCR Ducati 600TT Tony Rutter Replica ( alloy tank seat unit )


This tank/seat unit was made by Scuderia NCR (Nepoti Caracchi Racing) in early 1981 for the NCR 600TT Tony Rutter Replica motorcycle. A street going bike, by the legendary Ducati race team using Verlicchi built frames and 600cc belt drive engines. Only three of these bikes were ever produced, to honor the racing success of Tony Rutter. This tank/seat unit is the only one ever built with an alloy gas tank, as it was intended for the German market where a fiberglass tank is not permitted. A further seven were built as race bikes, known simply as 600TTs. The only difference being they did not have steering locks in the headstock. They differ from the earlier Pantah style TT600 and the later TT2 style of bikes, which were Ducati designed. Whilst this design was pure NCR. It is the only one in the United States.However another one is available in Italy at more than twice my asking price.. It’s located near Nashville, TN, and to answer the obvious question, yes of course it does. Check out other photographs online.