2021 Custom Built Motorcycles Chopper


2021 Signature series Radical Model Pro Street by Big Tony’s Chopp Shop Built by Florida’s number one custom motorcycle shop. We build the nations baddest custom motorcycles. We are a state & federally licensed N.A.D.A. listed manufacturer. We issue titles with our bikes. This means easy registration with your dmv, bank financing and hassle free insurance coverage. We also offer in house financing. every bike comes with a full coverage one year warranty and three year power train warranty. This bike pictured, named (enforcer) is for sale and our latest in Signature series Radical model pro street for sale. Designed for the (medium-taller rider) 5’6 ft. – 6’0 ft. tall. This model comes with Colorado Custom 18×300 rear and a 21×120 front wheel with Avon cobra tires. American Suspension inverted front end with hidden front brake caliper and Custom Cycle Control air ride. We use a made for (b.t.c.s.) exclusive chassis & sheet metal. Each bike comes with 5 gallon fuel capacity gas tank and 4 quart oil capacity oil tank. . Hawg Halters hand controls & foot controls. Ultima 120 ci. polished motor with Baker 6 speed drive brake trans and Tech Cycle contour series primary. Angel Sandoval of Xtreme Kustom Paint Works sprays the colors with his signature candy paint & graphics covering every inch. A Jeff Phipps custom hand tooled leather seat finishes it off. These bikes also have our special hidden wire and hydraulic. line option in the head tube and thru out the entire bike. This bike also has multi function speedometer & pdm, turn signals, hi/low beam and start buttons. We take pride that our bikes use 100% made in America parts. Hundreds of hours go into these bikes to make it a truly beautiful, flawless and ridable work of art. As an added bonus to our customers you can now purchase our bikes factory direct rite here in sunny Florida. Our bikes speak for themselves. I urge you to compare us to any other custom motorcycle manufacturer out there in quality, fit and finish. Then ask for a list of parts used and if they are all made in America. We take pride in providing a list of every part that goes into these machines and who makes them either by us or by our vendors, we guarantee every part is manufactured in The U.S.A. and that means quality. We refuse to lower our standards by using inferior Korean/Chinese parts. Cheaper doesn’t always mean your getting a better deal. You get what you pay for these days, so be careful how you spend your hard earned money. Want one built like you want? We can build one to your specifications. We can build to your budget. Custom sheet metal, hidden wiring and all the buttons and lights you would find on any street bike. From pro-street to chopper, mild to wild, any rake, any stretch, 2.5 to 5 in. drop seats, air ride front and rear suspensions, any type of swing arm, any type of wheel and any size from 21-26 front and 18-20 rear 250-360 wide. Optional Fuel Injection on any engine from 120-155, by Ultima, S&S or R&R (under 113 = slow ass bike, criminal in some states). Our bikes are built to ride, go fast and look bad ass (not always in that order). So if you don’t like drawing crowds where ever you go, opening huge cans of whoop ass on other customs at stop lights (love to see those crying faces) and taking first place trophy’s at shows. Than these are not the bikes for you. Also we now offer custom motorcycle rebuilding/restoration for you guys and gals who need to pump new life into your old chopper. call us, we are here to help For more information about Big Tonys Chopp Shop, You can find us on Google, Facebook & Instagram or contact us directly at: seven zero eight two zero three two five eight eight, 708-203-2588

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