1976 Kawasaki KH400


Frame: S3F26964 Engine: S3E27077 Where do I start? I have owned this bike since 1990. The Good:It is very stock. The few changes from stock are mentioned here. Pretty much anything that is not stock (except the bars, which I think are great) I have the originals.It has a bit over 14,7xx miles but still runs great. The motor has not been apart as far as I can tell. Runs great, shifts great, rides great. I have had 1 H2, 2 H1s and this bike, and this is my favorite. I just cleaned the carbs and put in an EBC clutch kit (springs/plates). Oil injection works great, new line from tank to pump.About 20 years ago, the stator was rewound and has been great since.The tank has just been sealed by http://www.fueltankservices.com/index.html, who after $400 and 4 or so months, warranty the inside until the end of time, plus one day, in their words. The inside really is nice. The paint took a little bit of a beating, probably because they had to get rid of the Kreem liner I had put in it 15 years back:(EX500 front caliper with KLR650 master and SS brake line. Much improved feel and power, though I think that the caliper alignment is not perfect – I feel a slight bit of dragging when I move it around, but it is fine when moving. Either fine tune that or go back to stock. Did not wire up the brake light, might have that done before it goes. Went with the aftermarket doglegs because I had to get a lever for the KLR master. Again, I still have all the stock stuff.Shift linkage replaced with heim joints for improved feel.Gauges, lights all work. Horn too. Antigravity lithium battery is awesome, have not had to charge it since I installed it probably 3 years ago. The Not So Good:The tank has a few small dents, the tail section has a small one as well. The tank and tail section have some paint chips. The right side cover is a little darker than everything else from the sun. The pipes and chrome have some pitting. Hopefully the pictures capture everything, if you would like more pictures let me know. Nothing is perfect, but it is a nice bikeThere is some light road rash on the brake pedal, the right hand pipe and the right front blinkerThe tires have no cracks, a decent amount of tread, but are old and really should be replacedThe kickstart pedal is loose on the spline. Never has slipped, but looking for a new one The right foot peg mount weld cracked due to adventures starting it during the before mentioned coil issue. Was re-welded – strong but not pretty, see pic.Slight oil seep from clutch cover after the new clutch – my fault. Have ordered two clutch cover gaskets. Spare Parts: Having owned it for so long, I have acquired many spare parts for it, including the owners manual, a factory shop manual, an assembly manual and the requisite clymer manual. There is a tool kit and spare key, of course. Here is some of what I have: NewRick Brett decal setSeat coverNOS piston / ring set, .040 overCruzin Image piston set (yes, I know)Blinker set (nice quality, never installed)Aftermarket Petcock (In addition to the one I just put on, must have forgotten I bought one. It is a theme of mine.)SprocketGasket sets, seal setPetcock rebuild kitsCaliper rebuild kitsCaliper pistonsAir Filter UsedSpare tank – little bit of surface rust inside, a few dents, includes gas capTwo, yes two tail sections, one including a tail light assemblyLeft and right side covers – the left one is missing two tabs, the right one is wholeRight hand exhaust – light rash, light rust/pitting, no baffleRear inner fenderForks – tubes have some pittingCablesCarburetors, slides, etc.CDI, stator, rectifier, coilsAirbox / carb connectors – not sure if these are new or used, anyway still pliable.Two chain guards, because why not?Some miscellaneous H1 parts from my old bikes I am throwing in, including a kick start lever, shift lever, oil tank and oil linesGauge set – tach glass cracked, otherwise whole Feel free to contact me if any questions or more pictures. On Jan-24-22 at 05:00:37 PST, seller added the following information: The title is clear and in my name. I can bring the bike and the parts to a shipper in the Orlando metro area for you if needed.