1903 1904 First Harley Davidson Motorcycle Replica


1903 1904 Harley-Davidson, No not the real thing, be serious you wouldn’t be able to afford it if it were. This is a very nice replica with all its patina as if you just found it in a barn. Not sure who made it or when it was produced. But the workmanship is very good. The one thing as you look at the pics that needs to be corrected is the belt drive. This one was made to run all though it doesn’t run at this time. It’s not seized so it can be made to run again. It has a chain and sprocket instead of a belt and pulley system. You’ll hear people tell “you what for a replica” ya where are you going to get the real thing and if you were able to it would be priceless. This would be a great collectors piece and a more affordable price.